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Stop pushing air.

Start driving profits.

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Your trucks: A 15% increase in fuel efficiency with no vehicle modifications.


AeroPlates, a small, self contained, rapid ROI solution that significantly increases fuel efficiency, better aerodynamics, reduces tire wear and maintenance so you can enjoy driving for profits again. 


Get your trucks moving again

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Seamlessly upgrades your entire fleet

  • Will work on virtually any tractor trailer setup
  • Works on trucks from any year
  • Self powered - No external power supply required
  • Works in any weather
  • Benefit will also affect trailer aerodynamics and reduce tire wear
  • If a different trailer is attached - benefit effects of unit will affect the new trailer within 30 minutes
  • Works on stationary diesel generators also
  • Lifetime guarantee - AeroPlate units power and effects will not diminish and will function at 100% power for 20+ years.
  • Works on freight, flatbed, Refrigerated, tanker, OTR, regional or local trucks
  • Improves any modifications/aerodynamics you have made on the rig
  • Doesn't require any engine or external modifications, monitoring or maintenance
  • Your existing unit can be moved to new equipment when you upgrade to new trucks (new certified install required)
  • Maximize your Green Fleet with more efficient trucks, fuel savings, and more alert drivers
  • Very fast installation and ROI for a single truck or an entire fleet
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What’s behind the science...


During the process of producing power, a trucks alternator creates an unbalanced electrical field around the tractor trailer and these unbalanced ions (EMF) negatively affect combustion, air flow and tire friction. 


The generated EMF field can be quite large, easily encompassing both the tractor and trailer, interrupting and unbalancing the molecular structures and their interactions, causing inefficiencies.

One of the largest untapped vehicle applications of quantum physics is how these unbalanced ions, produced from power generation (alternators in this case), disrupt other natural occurring processes (combustion and friction), and how creating a conditioned, balanced ion environment to counteract this can support optimal performance. 

  Installing AeroPlates in a truck removes the EMF interference and creates a balanced environment around the truck. This restores the full potential of combustion, and a reduction in air and tire friction. 

The results . . . . A truck that rolls and cuts through the air much more easily.

Upgrade your fleet today.

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